Quick Answer: What was Hurricane Katrina quizlet?

Hurricane Katrina was caused by a tropical depression near the Bahamas. It began as a tropical storm, which passed over Florida before developing into a Category 5 Hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico, due to the high sea temperature of 27 degrees C. It reached Louisiana on 29th August 2005.

What happened during Hurricane Katrina quizlet?

Hurricane Katrina Facts: Up to 80% of New Orleans was under water from flooding. Hurricane Katrina Facts: Hurricane Katrina weakened and became extratropical in the Ohio Valley. Hurricane Katrina hits Louisiana and Mississippi coast as a category 4 storm. A reported 9,000 people are in the Superdome.

What made Hurricane Katrina so famous?

Hurricane Katrina was the largest and 3rd strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in the US. In New Orleans, the levees were designed for Category 3, but Katrina peaked at a Category 5 hurricane, with winds up to 175 mph. … Keep seniors safe and sound, and help them plan for hurricane season.

What is a hurricane quizlet?

definition of a hurricane. an intense tropical cyclonic storm consisting of a warm-core low pressure ceel at its center, inward-spiraling rainbands, and having sustained winds in excess of 74 mph.

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Why was Hurricane Katrina such a disaster?

The flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina was a human-made disaster, not a natural one. The flood-protection system for the city had been poorly designed and maintained. … In short, it was a failure of critical infrastructure at multiple levels that nearly doomed one of America’s major cities.

Why do you think Hurricane Katrina led to widespread flooding quizlet?

Where and when did the storm form? … The storm surge and heavy rainfall overwhelmed the levees which should have protected the city. This caused widespread flooding (over 80% of the city was underwater) which hugely increased the number of deaths and level of damage. SOCIAL IMPACT: How many people were killed?

Where did Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit?

29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a Category 3 storm near the Louisiana-Mississippi border. Less than one month later, on Sept. 24, 2005, Hurricane Rita slammed into the Louisiana-Texas border. These storms created catastrophic damage along the Gulf Coast.

What was the worst hurricane in the world?

The Great Galveston hurricane made landfall on September 8, 1900, near Galveston, Texas. It had estimated winds of 140 mph (225 km/h) at landfall, making the cyclone a Category 4 storm on the modern day Saffir–Simpson scale.

United States.

Rank 1
Hurricane “Galveston”
Season 1900
Fatalities 8,000–12,000

What was the biggest hurricane?

The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest hurricane to ever hit the United States. Estimates of the number of lives lost range between 8,000 and 12,000 people.

What is the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning?

A warning means that hurricane conditions are expected whereas a watch means that conditions are possible. … Hurricane warnings indicate that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected somewhere within the specified area.

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Why is the weather calm in the eye of a hurricane?

The eye is so calm because the now strong surface winds that converge towards the center never reach it. The coriolis force deflects the wind slightly away from the center, causing the wind to rotate around the center of the hurricane (the eye wall), leaving the exact center (the eye) calm.

What will the 2020 hurricane season be like?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasted that the hurricane season, which runs from June through November, will see 13 to 20 named storms. … There’s a 60% chance that this hurricane season will be busier than normal and only a 10% chance it will be below normal, NOAA said.

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