Question: What would happen if the whole world rained at the same time?

Originally Answered: What is to happen if all of the world experienced rain at the same time? It would be a very short rainstorm. There is only so much moisture in the atmosphere, and if it ALL precipitated out (as in 0% humidity left, which is basically impossible) then it would only be one inch of rain.

What would happen if it rained all at once?

Originally Answered: What if rain came down all at once and not in tiny raindrops ? Then we would all die. Not from the rain but because of the lack of oxygen. Moisture in the air can only condense into droplets of water when cooled down by the adiabatic effect of a lesser pressure.

What would happen if it rained nonstop?

So, if it were to rain non-stop for a year, it could have serious consequences for everything on Earth. … Well, if all the water in the atmosphere suddenly fell to Earth, it would cover the entire surface, and be 2.5 cm (1 in) deep. That would be 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapor falling on our planet.

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Has there been a day where it rained everywhere?

The rate of evaporation (Penman Equation ) is greater than zero, and the carrying capacity of the atmosphere is not infinite, so it is highly unlikely that there has ever been a time when there was no rain falling anywhere on the planet. Not impossible, just highly unlikely.

Can the whole world rain?

The only reason it CAN rain heavily or steadily in one small region is because that water has been transported and concentrated there, while the vast majority of the Earth’s surface is NOT being rained on at the same moment.

Why does rain make you lazy?

Just as the cloudy skies cause your body to overproduce melatonin, so do they cause your brain to underproduce seratonin. … And when we have less sun, we make less seratonin which leads to feelings of depression and lack of motivation. Hence those lazy, rainy days.

How long can it rain without stopping?

There have been instances in history where it had rained continuously for 79 and 88 days. There is also a place called Cherrapunji, India where it rains continuously for almost 2 months.

What’s the longest it has ever rained?

Greatest rainfall in 24 hours The biggest rainfall in a day occurred with the passage of Cyclone Denise in Foc-Foc, La Réunion, an island in the southern Indian Ocean. Some 1.825 meters (71.8 inches) of rain fell over 24 hours, from January 7 to 8, 1966.

Is there anywhere in the world where it has never rained?

But the driest non-polar spot on Earth is even more remarkable. There are places in Chile’s Atacama Desert where rain has never been recorded—and yet, there are hundreds of species of vascular plants growing there.

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What would happen if it rained money?

The dollars value would immediately drop a staggering amount, giving everyone instantly more money will just lower the worth of said money, driving up the cost of goods and services.

Does it rain diamonds on Jupiter?

Have you ever imagined that the sky can rain something other than water? In fact, this is what scientists have been searching for lately, and was proven through modern discoveries thanks to chemistry; the sky can rain diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter. …

Does rain come from space?

As we leave Earth’s atmosphere and enter space, well, it’s pretty empty, with no air or atmosphere for clouds to form in and no water to form the clouds, and so, no rain.

Does it rain diamonds on Venus?

Planets such as Venus and Jupiter lack our atmosphere rich in nitrogen and oxygen, and there is no moisture to drive a lifegiving water cycle. … For example, according to a report in Nature, scientists believe it could be raining diamonds on Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

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