Which cyclone recently became first super cyclonic storm in Arabian Sea in last 12 years?

Is YAAS stronger than amphan?

Cyclone Yaas unlikely to match intensity of super cyclonic storm Amphan, says IMD. … “Probability is highest that Yaas will hit the West Bengal coast after intensifying into a very severe cyclone. As of now it is unlikely to match the intensity of Amphan,” said GK Das, director of the IMD’s regional office in Kolkata.

Who will give next cyclone name?

There is a an approved list of names already for over-150 cyclonic storms to form in the region. So, the cyclonic system that will form after ‘Yaas’ will be named ‘Gulab,’ a name chosen by Pakistan; and the one after that- ‘Shaheen,’ by Qatar.

Who gave the name Yash?

Yass is often misspelt as Yash and the name has been given by Oman. The word is said to have originated from the Persian language and it means Jasmin in English.

Why are cyclones named after females?

US meteorologists gave tropical storms women’s names. Satellites were first used by the military and it is said that Air Force and Navy meteorologists, who plotted the movements of storms, named these storms after their wives and girlfriends.

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