What of the following is not an example of chemical weathering?

Answer: acid rain is the answer.

Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?

Answer Expert Verified. The chemicals in the water break down the rocks, so water breaking rocks is an example of chemical weathering :) Also, acids are a form of chemical weathering, as the chemicals dissolve the limestone :) Hope this helped!!

What is non chemical weathering?

Physical weathering is when rocks change without a chemical component, like landforms that are caused by natural Earth movements. Biological weathering occurs when rocks are weakened by plants and animals, like when plant roots grow through rocks.

What are 4 examples of physical weathering?

Some examples of physical weathering mechanisms:

  • Frost wedging. Frost wedging happens when water filling a crack freezes and expands (as it freezes, water expands 8 to 11% in volume over liquid water). …
  • Heat/Cold Cycles. …
  • Unloading.

Which of these is the best example of chemical weathering?

The answer is A because limestones are mostly calcium carbonate. When acidic rainwater falls on limestone a chemical reaction happens. These dissolve in the water, and then are washed away, weathering the rock.

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What are examples of physical and chemical weathering?

Physical, or mechanical, weathering happens when rock is broken through the force of another substance on the rock such as ice, running water, wind, rapid heating/cooling, or plant growth. Chemical weathering occurs when reactions between rock and another substance dissolve the rock, causing parts of it to fall away.

What are 5 types of weathering?

5 Types of Mechanical Weathering

  • Plant Activity. The roots of plants are very strong and can grow into the cracks in existing rocks. …
  • Animal Activity. …
  • Thermal Expansion. …
  • Frost action. …
  • Exfoliaton.

Is acid rain an example of chemical weathering?

When the sulfur dioxide dissolves in the water in the clouds, it makes acid rain – rainwater that is more acidic than normal. Acid rain harms fish and trees, but it also makes chemical weathering happen more quickly. Buildings and statues made from rock are damaged as a result.

How can we prevent chemical weathering?

Power washing cement or asphalt surfaces, and weeding regularly, will prevent the breaking down of such surfaces from the decomposition induced by acids released by lichens or mosses. Likewise, removing large trees can help to prevent the uplifting of rock or cement caused by the trees’ roots.

Which is an example of chemical weathering quizlet?

What is an example of Chemical Weathering. Acid rain raining on rocks and breaking it down from the reaction of the chemicals.

What are the agents of chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering breaks down rocks by forming new minerals that are stable at the Earth’s surface. Water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen are important agents of chemical weathering.

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