What do the horizontal lines on the weather app mean?

According to Apple, the symbol in the weather app in iOS means the area you are currently in or searching for is experiencing fog.

What does a thermometer and Snowflake mean on weather app?

It means there’s ice.

What does the percentage mean on weather app?


“Certainly for the Met Office app, the percentage of rain means the chance of rain at that time for that location. “So 60 percent means a 60 percent chance of rain, 40 percent chance of dry.

What is the fog symbol on the weather app?

As you can see in the diagram, the fog symbol is non-traditional in that it involves a cloud, rather than just a series of thick lines. Haze, which is not a weather type we get much in the temperate UK, looks like a sun going down into the sea.

What do the 4 wavy lines mean on weather com?

What does 4 wavy lines mean in weather? … It’s about changes in pressure (usually between high pressure and low pressure), High pressure usually means warmer more settled weather and Low pressure is usually more unsettled (rain/snow etc).

What does cloud with line through it mean?

If the photos in the Google Photos app have a cloud icon with a line through it, then the photo is not currently backed up.

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What do weather icons mean?

The following weather icons are used to represent the current weather conditions and weather forecast of the cities. The nighttime version of weather icons will be used when the observation time of current weather is at night in local time.

What is the weather symbol for wind?

Wind Speed & Direction

Calm wind is indicated by a large circle drawn around the skycover symbol. One long barb is used to indicate each 10 knots with the short barb representing 5 knots.

How do you read wind symbols?

The staff part of a wind barb shows wind direction. The dot end of the staff is where the wind is blowing to, while the top of the staff shows the direction from which the wind is coming. The top row of wind barbs in the figure to the right all indicate a north wind.

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