Is ForeFlight approved weather?

ForeFlight, maker of the popular iPad electronic chart app, announced it has earned certification as an FAA Qualified Internet Communication Provider (QICP). The qualification allows private and commercial flight operations to use ForeFlight as their official source for weather information.

Is ForeFlight approved weather source?

We received the FAA approval letter on Monday of this week. … This means that Part 121 and 135 operators may now list ForeFlight as their approved QICP and as an official source for weather information.

Does ForeFlight give weather?

ForeFlight uses your planned departure and enroute times to display weather over multiple forecast periods during which your flight will be active, providing a more accurate picture of changing conditions throughout your flight. Weather in Profile View is included in ForeFlight’s Performance plans.

What are FAA approved weather sources?

The FAA has identified three distinct types of weather information available to pilots and operators.

  • Observations. Raw weather data collected by some type of sensor suite including surface and airborne observations, radar, lightning, satellite imagery, and profilers.
  • Analysis. …
  • Forecasts.
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What counts as an official weather briefing?

This briefing should consist of the latest or most current weather, airport, and en route NAVAID information.” It states that Flight Service is still the main way many pilots access this information, but it hardly requires it.

I brought up IFR and he assured me that the foreflight/stratus is legal for IFR.

What is the legality of the weather briefing for FAR Part 91 operations? … There is not, in fact, such a thing as a “legal weather briefing.” The FARs only require that pilots obtain “all available information” (FAR 91.103). ForeFlight delivers weather, NOTAMs, etc.

Re: The Legalities of IFR Flight with an iPad and ForeFlight

There are no regulations requiring a Part 91 VFR or IFR flight to carry ANY charts on board, unless you are a large and multi-engine turbine or fractional ownership.

Are ForeFlight winds aloft true or magnetic?

On the Airports page and in the NavLog in the Flights tab where the wind Dir/Speed is given, winds aloft are displayed as true north. Elsewhere in the app, if you are viewing a calculated headwind, tailwind, or heading for a route, the winds aloft information will be determined for magnetic north.

What do pilots use for weather?

ATIS – Automatic Terminal Information Service is the one used by the larger, busier airports. It will consist of its own frequency that pilots can tune to and listen to the latest weather.

Air Traffic Control & ATIS/AWOS.

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Altimeter Setting Bravo
Temperature 15 °C
Dew point 8 °C
Altimeter Setting 29.92 inHg

What is the best aviation weather app?

Best Aviation Weather Apps: Get Ready for Springtime Flying

  • Flightradar24 Flight Tracker. …
  • CloudTopper. …
  • AeroWeather. …
  • MyRadar. Download for iOS and Android. …
  • Garmin Pilot. Download for iOS and Android. …
  • METARs Aviation Weather. Download for iOS. …
  • Avia Weather. Download for Android. …
  • AccuWeather. Download on iOS and Android.

How do I get an official weather briefing?

The FAA has established a universal toll-free telephone number for FSSs: 1–800–WX–BRIEF (1–800–992–7433). Before contacting Flight Service, you should have the general route of flight worked out. When you reach Flight Service, you will first hear a recorded announcement, followed by instructions.

Are you required to get a weather briefing?

You should obtain a Standard or Abbreviated Briefing before departure to obtain such items as adverse conditions, current conditions, updated forecasts, winds aloft, and NOTAMs, etc.

What should pilots state when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information?

What should pilots state initially when telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information? … The address of the pilot in command.

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