How much will the Texas winter storm cost?

Early estimates indicate that the freeze and outage may cost the Texas economy $80 billion–$130 billion in direct and indirect economic loss. These initial calculations come with significant uncertainty.

How much did the Texas storm cost?

As of Monday, state agencies reported spending $41 million on the storm, and local governments had spent $49 million, according to Nim Kidd, chief of the Texas Department of Emergency Management.

How much did winter storm Uri cost?

This February the cost soared to nearly $8.5 million. The University of Texas-Austin paid $940,000 for gas in February 2020.

How many Texans died in Winter Storm 2021?

April 1, 2021 Updated: April 2, 2021 4:40 p.m. The deaths of nearly 200 people are linked to February’s cold snap and blackouts, a Houston Chronicle analysis reveals, making the natural disaster one of the worst in Texas this past century.

How much damage did the winter storm cause?

Damage costs and economic losses from the intense winter storm that hit the country in mid-February may rise to as much as $130 billion in Texas alone, according to AccuWeather. That figure is up from the $50 billion to $60 billion range AccuWeather estimated previously.

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How much will the Texas freeze cost?

The power outages led to widespread damage to homes and businesses, foregone economic activity, contaminated water supplies and the loss of at least 111 lives. Early estimates indicate that the freeze and outage may cost the Texas economy $80 billion–$130 billion in direct and indirect economic loss.

How bad did the storm affect Texas?

During the storm, at least 4.5 million electricity customers in Texas lost power, an estimated 57 people died due to hypothermia, and about 12 million people received “boil notices” because of water quality issues, the Texas Tribune reported.

Why is Texas getting snow?

Global warming and higher temperatures lead to increased evaporation. Eventually, this increased evaporation leads to increased precipitation. At certain times, when temperatures are cold enough, this precipitation is snowfall.

How cold was Texas 2021?

The February 2021 Arctic outbreak was indeed cold. It is one of the lowest five-day average temperatures experienced in Texas over the past 40 years. However, the December 1983 cold outbreak was as cold and long-lived as that of this past week.

2021 Heat Tracker.

Average Year-To-Date 24
Last Year 46

Has Texas ever had a blizzard?

We’ve had a pretty mild winter across much of Texas this time around, but an entirely different story unfolded exactly 90 years ago. Over two feet of snow covered nearly half the state in December of 1929, setting a record that has yet to be broken.

How many Texans died in cold?

At least 111 Texans died as a result of last month’s winter storm, according to updated numbers released Thursday by the Department of State Health Services.

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What’s the most it’s ever snowed in Texas?

The greatest snowfall on record at DFW occurred on February 11, 2010 (11.2 inches).

Snow: Dallas/Fort Worth’s Top-20 Largest Snowfalls on Record.

Snow Amount Rank Date
11.20″ 1 Feb 11, 2010 (Thu)
7.80″ 2 Jan 15, 1964 (Wed)
7.50″ 3 Feb 17, 1978 (Fri)
4.70″ 4 Nov 13, 1976 (Sat)
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