How do you find Shaun in Heavy Rain?

The answer is 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road (because that’s the only address near the major river, as implied by the foghorn audio clue). If he has passed all five trials, he’ll immediately learn the full address where Shaun is held, and he won’t need to bother with the guessing challenge.

How do you trigger the Shaun glitch?

The glitch can be triggered while controlling Ethan Mars by pressing X to call Shaun’s name, pressing L2 and selecting any of the thoughts that appear, then walking up to the drywell while Ethan’s voice clip plays. It causes him to shout “Shaun!” with every press of the X button for the remainder of the chapter.

Is Shaun alive in heavy rain?

Ethan is imprisoned; Shaun dies. Ethan is framed as the Origami Killer and imprisoned with dozens of origami figures in his cell, where he hangs himself.

How do you keep Shaun alive in heavy rain?

Shaun is locked in the well at the end of the room.

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In order to save him as Ethan or Madison you must try lifting up the hatch. Then pick up the bar on the right (it can be done after the fight with Scott, for example if Madison is alone) and destroy the padlock with it.

What happens to Shaun in heavy rain?

Shaun survives and proves Ethan’s innocence. The two are reunited. Ethan’s Grave – Ethan dies. Origami Blues – Ethan escapes arrest but Shaun dies.

How old is Ethan Mars?


Actor/Voice Pascal Langdale
Gender Male
Age 36 (Prologue & Mall) 38 (Following)
Date Of Birth September 5th 1973
Hair Colour Brown

What is a Shaun?

noun. a male given name, form of John.

Does Jason Die in Heavy Rain?

Jason wandered away from Ethan, who soon found him and warned him not to go wandering in a crowded place. … It appears that Ethan took most of the damage, though it is later revealed that Jason died and Ethan was left in a coma. In the version of Heavy Rain before the final cut, the car accident was much more graphic.

Why is Scott the Origami Killer?

The Origami figures found with the bodies would lead to the media dubbing Scott “The Origami Killer”. Whenever a victim was abducted, Scott would send a message to the boy’s father, directing them to collect a box containing a phone, a gun, and five origami animal figures.

Should you kill Brad Heavy Rain?

Ethan engages in some internal dialogue, trying to reason through whether or not he should kill Brad, and can refer to him as a lowlife in one thought. If the player chooses to spare Brad, Ethan will knock him out with the gun. … This is Ethan’s rationale for both killing Brad and choosing to spare him.

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How many Heavy Rain endings are there?

There are 17 different endings available. Watching them requires making different decisions in specific scenes.

Does the poison kill Ethan Heavy Rain?

If Ethan chooses to drink the poison, he will be given the last letters of Shaun’s address, as well as a watch, counting down the time until his demise. It is later revealed that the poison will not actually kill Ethan though it appears to taste or feel unpleasant when ingested.

How did Manfred die Heavy Rain?

He offers to retrieve a list of his Royal 5 customers. However, while searching for the list in the back room, Manfred is murdered by the Origami Killer. Shelby has to quickly remove any fingerprints that could link Lauren or him to Manfred’s death before the police and paramedics arrive.

Is Scott Shelby always the killer?

Scott Shelby is the oldest and tallest playable character. … Scott is the only playable character who kills regardless of player decisions. He will always kill at least 15 people throughout the story. He can kill up to 32 people, including the two main characters (except Ethan) and his victims as the Origami Killer.

What happens if Ethan doesn’t cut off his finger?

If Ethan chooses not to cut off his finger, he will later be shot in the shoulder by a cop while escaping the apartment. To avoid getting shot by the police, he must cut off his finger.

Why did Ethan have blackouts in Heavy Rain?

During the early stages of Heavy Rain, Ethan’s blackouts were originally going to be caused by a psychic link formed between himself and the Origami Killer during the accident at the mall, and there would be playable segments consisting of Ethan swimming through a submerged house and discovering the body of one of the …

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