How did winter Santiaga end up in jail?

The Coldest Winter Ever is a novel by Sister Souljah about Winter Santiaga, the spoiled, rebellious daughter of notorious drug dealer Ricky Santiaga. … However, Winter fails to heed Sister Souljah’s advice and gets arrested for transporting drugs in her boyfriend’s car.

How old was winter Santiaga when she was imprisoned?

The story follows Winter from the time she is fifteen until she is about twenty-five, in prison serving time for a crime for possessing drugs that belonged to her boyfriend. The story ends with Winter still in jail, not the usual happy ending that accompanies fictional novels.

What happened at the end of the coldest winter ever?

In the end, she is betrayed by Bullet, who leaves her to take the “fall” for his crimes, and she lands a fifteen year prison sentence.

What happened to winter Santiaga mom?

Her father Ricky Santiaga, was a notorious drug lord, who showered his family with the best and only the best. … Her sisters are placed into foster care, her mom gets shot in the face and addicted to drugs.

Did winter Santiaga die in life after death?

She was the fly girl that had it all! Nearly twenty years later, readers are finally getting the sequel to Winter’s story with Life After Death. Winter Santiaga is killed after a 15-year prison bid. Throughout the entire book, readers are experiencing life after Winter’s death.

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Who was bullet in the coldest winter ever?

Winter’s boyfriend is Bullet. She meets him at a party in Brooklyn and is soon hanging out with him. It soon becomes clear that Winter has made a big mistake, as Bullet is selfish and possessive, not to mention a drug dealer.

Who really wrote the coldest winter ever?

What did winter go to jail for?

This all changes when Winter’s father is arrested for drug trafficking, and Winter finds herself in a girls’ home. Winter takes up the skills she learned from her father to maintain her lifestyle, such as selling illicit items in the girls’ home to make money.

Did winter die in coldest winter ever?

True to Souljah’s insistence on consequences, the sequel begins with a hard shock: Winter is dead, stuck in a purgatory known as the Last Stop Before the Drop, and given one last chance to avoid eternal damnation. “People have said, ‘It’s so unexpected,’” said Souljah.

Is there a Coldest Winter Ever movie?

“The Coldest Winter Ever” Film Rights

and are available for purchase. All rights to The Coldest Winter Ever are owned completely by Souljah Story Inc. This includes film rights, television rights, theatrical rights, and all ancillary rights.

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