Frequent question: Was there a tornado in the Wizard of Oz?

The tornado scene in “The Wizard of Oz” ended up costing more money than any other special effect in the movie. So essentially, “The Wizard of Oz” tornado was nothing more than a large tapered cloth sock with lots of wind and dirt thrown at it.

Where did the tornado take Dorothy?

After a tornado hurls through Kansas, Dorothy Gale and her dog, Toto, are swept away from their home to the colorful and vibrant Land of Oz. In order to find their way back home, they must embark on a journey to the Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz resides.

What does Dorothy say during the tornado?

One glance told her of the danger close at hand. “Quick, Dorothy!” she screamed. “Run for the cellar! It really was no miracle what happened was just this: The wind began to switch, the house to pitch, and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch, just then the Witch!

Did the Wizard of Oz use real monkeys?

Several of the primate parts were played by real people: Nikko, the head monkey, was played by actor Pat Walshe, while vaudevillian actor Harry Monty was both a Munchkin and a monkey.

How does Dorothy kill the Wicked Witch?

She is killed when Dorothy throws a bucket of water on her, in attempt to put out a fire the witch bestowed on the Scarecrow. In the novel, Dorothy simply throws it on her in a fit of anger.

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How did Dorothy get knocked out?

The cinematography and editing techniques…” In the movie, Dorothy gets knocked out by a flying window during the cyclone scene. She eventually lands in Oz but by the movie’s end, she wakes up in her bed with her family surrounding her. This reassures the viewer that the whole ordeal was simply a dream.

Why is Glinda summoned by the Munchkins?

She refuses to take possession of them, as she’s afraid of being tempted by their power, so she summons the other good witch, who takes them after Dorothy wishes herself home.

What does the tornado symbolize in the Wizard of Oz?

Tornadoes were often used to illustrate political revolution. In the story, a tornado takes Dorothy from the dreary, barren land of Kansas to the beautiful and abundant Oz. This symbolizes the wealth possible with the addition of silver to the gold standard. The Scarecrow represents the foolish farmer.

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