Can I hang a rain chain anywhere?

You can hang your rain chain from a shepherd’s hook anywhere in your yard or garden, or hang it from a gutter downspout. … Wherever you choose to hang it, your rain chain will add beauty and charm to your outdoor space.

Can you hang a rain chain from a tree?

Rain chains do not have to be solely hung from gutters. They can also be hung from trees or used in conjunction with fountains or water wells.

How do you hang rain chains without gutters?

If you don’t have guttering there, consider a corner leaderhead to catch the water and direct it onto a rain chain. A beautiful way to solve common drainage problems!

Do rain chains make noise?

The chain doesn’t have any innate sound but it still makes soothing sounds when rain water passes over it. Do you know how? It’s quite simple, really. As the rainfall makes contact with the chain, it gets dispersed in various directions, which makes an appealing sound.

How do you anchor a rain chain?

When installing your rain chain, use a tape measure to determine the distance from the existing rain gutter to the ground. Once you know the length, remove the existing downspout. Inside the gutter hole, insert the gutter bracket, or V-hook. From there, attach your rain chain.

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What do you do with rain chains in the winter?

Rain chains need little maintenance, except checking your gutter for debris, as you would with a normal downspout. If you live in an area with high wind storms or harsh heavy ice, it is recommended to take down the rain chain during winter and replace your regular downspout.

How well do rain chains work?

A rain chain is an excellent way to divert rainwater away from your home, and they come with many advantages that you don’t get with a gutter downspout. Rain chains in Charleston, SC are not only more attractive, if installed correctly, they can work just as well as a downspout gutter system.

Do I need a gutter for a rain chain?

Rain chains can be used without gutters, but they do depend upon a vertical water source to function most efficiently. If water is arching off the roof, the chain may or may not catch or transport all of the water in both light and heavy rainfall conditions.

Can rain chains replace gutters?

They don’t help you prevent erosion – which is the whole point of having a gutter system in the first place. Traditional rain chains use a small pot or catch basin to handle the water that travels down the chain. … And we certainly wouldn’t recommend using them as a whole-home replacement for a normal downspout system.

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