Your question: When was the last time Illinois had a tornado?

County Significant Tornadoes (per 100 sq. miles) Violent Tornadoes (total)
Will 2.51 3
Kane 2.31 1
Lake IL 2.23 3
Kendall 1.87 1

How many tornadoes have hit Illinois?

How many tornadoes are there in Illinois in a year? Based on recent data, Illinois has an average of 35 tornados a year.

How many tornadoes does Illinois have in 2019?

A line of severe thunderstorms produced 60 to 80 mph winds in Urbana and downed numerous tree limbs and did damage to Ag Buildings at the University of Illinois. A tornado then developed within the line of storms near Race Street and McHenry Street in Urbana.

A total of 19 Tornadoes in Central / Southeast IL May 22nd-29th.

Date 5/26/2019
Injuries/Deaths 0/0

Has there ever been a tornado in Illinois?

In fact, Illinois has experienced one of the worst tornadoes in U.S. history. The infamous Tri-State tornado occurred on March 18, 1925, passing through southern Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, leaving 695 dead and 2000 injured.

When did Illinois have a tornado?

Illinois has experienced two of the worst tornadoes in the nation’s history: the infamous Tri-State tornado of March 18, 1925, which resulted in 695 deaths, 2000 injuries, and $130 million in property damage; and the Mattoon tornado of May 26, 1917, which resulted in 101 deaths, 638 injuries, and $55 million in …

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Is Illinois in Tornado Alley?

Although the official boundaries of Tornado Alley are not clearly defined, its core extends from northern Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa along with South Dakota. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and western Ohio are sometimes included in Tornado Alley.

Where are the most tornadoes in Illinois?

Tornado Rankings, 1950 to 2017

Rank County Tornadoes per 100 square miles
1 McLean 9.547
2 Sangamon 9.245
3 Champaign 8.986
4 Macon 8.784

What’s the worst tornado in history?

The deadliest tornado in world history was the Daulatpur–Saturia tornado in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, which killed approximately 1,300 people.

What was the most recent tornado 2019?

Tornado outbreak of March 3, 2019

Tornado warnings and Storm Prediction Center tornado reports on March 3 superimposed on a Suomi NPP infrared satellite picture taken at 18:50 UTC
Casualties 23 deaths, 103 injuries
Areas affected Southeastern United States, particularly Alabama and Georgia and the Florida Panhandle

What month has the most tornadoes in Illinois?

The 21 tornadoes in March set a new record for the most tornadoes during that month in Illinois since 1950. The previous record was 12 in March of 1976. The 60 tornadoes in April also set a new record for the most tornadoes during that month in Illinois since 1950.

Record Number of Tornadoes in Illinois in 2006.

Month Tornadoes
April 60
May 17
June 2
July 16

When was the last time a tornado hit Chicago?

It was less than a year ago on August 10, 2020 when an EF-1 tornado, packing top winds of 110 mph, touched down in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side.

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What state has the most tornadoes?

The top 10 worst states for tornadoes

  • Texas had the most tornadoes in 2019, reporting 188 tornadoes. …
  • Oklahoma is another hard-hit state, with 99 reported tornadoes in 2019. …
  • Missouri had 98 tornadoes in 2019, nearly beating the state record of 102 in a single year, set in 2006.

What state has less tornadoes?

For example, the average number of tornadoes to hit the states of Alaska, Rhode Island, and Vermont is less than one, while the state of Oklahoma receives an average of 52 tornadoes per year, and the state of Texas is hit with 126 tornadoes in an average year.

Can Chicago get a tornado?

Tornadoes, nature’s most evil wind, have been no strangers to the Chicago area. … However, tornadoes can occur anywhere in the Chicago area. The downtown area and the lakefront are not immune to tornado activity.

When was the last tornado in Naperville Illinois?

Naperville, Ill.

– A tornado touched down in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois at 11 p.m. on Sunday, June 20 – leaving a path of destruction stretching through several neighborhoods in the area.

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