You asked: How do I become a tornado chaser?

The best way to become a paid storm chaser is to become a meteorologist. Meteorologists study weather events and get paid by a laboratory or university to chase storms for research purposes. Committed weather enthusiasts have figured out other ways to make money storm chasing.

Do tornado chasers get paid?

A storm chaser makes a median salary of $18,000 a year, mostly from selling data, video, and photography they take. However a meteorologist makes far more than this, and are usually paid a salary by an employer.

Can storm Chasing be a career?

*A job as a Storm Chaser falls under the broader career category of Atmospheric and Space Scientists. The information on this page will generally apply to all careers in this category but may not specifically apply to this career title.

How much money do tornado chasers get?

Santa Monica, CA beats the national average by $9,940 (16.4%), and San Mateo, CA furthers that trend with another $12,022 (19.8%) above the $60,671 average. Importantly, San Mateo, CA has a moderately active Storm Chasers job market with only a few companies currently hiring for this type of role.

Has an F5 tornado happened?

There have been 58 F5 or EF5 twisters since 1950, a little fewer than one per year on average. However, it’s common for several years to go by without any EF5s, followed by several over just a few days’ time, or even on a single day. The Super Outbreaks of 1974 and 2011 produced seven F5s and four EF5s, respectively.

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Is tornado chasing dangerous?

Storm chasers call this “core-punching” and it’s a very dangerous practice for a number of reasons. First, you may drive into very large hail, which can damage your vehicle and injure you. Second, you could drive right into the path of a tornado with very little time to react.

What is the average salary of a meteorologist?

Meteorologist Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $77,298 US
50th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $100,071 US
75th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $124,245 US
90th Percentile Meteorologist Salary $146,254 US

What equipment do you need to be a storm chaser?

Paper maps, a ham radio, Kodak film, a still camera and lenses, a weather radio, and maybe even a flip phone with limited coverage. Up until 2007 – in old beat-up trucks and cars across the plains – this was all a storm chaser required.

What education is needed to become a storm chaser?

A bachelor’s degree in meteorology or atmospheric science is a good starting point for qualifying as a storm chaser, although hands-on experience is also needed since storm chasing can be particularly dangerous.

How much do hail chasers make?

Solo PDR technicians who go by the name “hail chasers” live a nomadic lifestyle during these months, making anywhere from $60 to $75 on each nickel-sized dent and having 100% of the profits.

What does a storm chaser do?

Majority of storm chasers are meteorologists who study and predict weather patterns. They forecast where and when a particular storm is likely to occur. They analyze past and current data to determine a precise location. They also use visualization by looking at the patterns of the clouds.

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