Who sang Stormy weather in a movie?

Lena Horne recorded the song in 1941 for RCA Victor. In 1943, she recorded another version for the movie of the same name. She recorded the song at least five times throughout her career, including for the 1957 album Stormy Weather.

Did Lena Horne sing Stormy Weather?

Stormy Weather is a 1957 studio album by Lena Horne, released by RCA Victor in monophonic. Recording took place between March 1956 and March 1957, at Webster Hall, New York.

Stormy Weather (Lena Horne album)

Stormy Weather
Label RCA Victor
Producer Lennie Hayton
Lena Horne chronology

Which choreographer was in the film Stormy Weather?

“Stormy Weather” – Lena Horne. “Stormy Weather Ballet” – danced by Katherine Dunham and her Dance Troupe. “There’s No Two Ways About Love” (Reprise) – Cab Calloway, Bill Robinson, and Lena Horne. “My, My Ain’t That Somethin'” – Bill Robinson.

Who sang Stormy Weather in the 50s?

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Ethel Waters
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Is a stormy?

Whether it’s your temper or the month of May, something characterized by turmoil and unpredictable outbursts can be called stormy. The word stormy describes weather conditions like thunder, lightening, dark clouds, wind, and pelting rain.

Was Stormy Weather an all black cast?

Stormy Weather was fantastic in that it had an entirely Black cast with megastars like the Nicholas Brothers, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller, and Katherine Dunham joining Robinson and Horne. However, the actors were forced to work out of segregated dressing rooms, far away from the White actors in the Fox Studio lot.

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Did Katherine Dunham choreograph Stormy Weather?

In 1943, Miss Dunham and her company appeared in what was to become a black cinema classic, Stormy Weather. … In 1948, Miss Dunham choreographed two scenes for Casbah, a film that features Yvonne de Carlo, Peter Lorre, Tony Martin, and Eartha Kitt.

Who sang Stormy Weather the best?

All-TIME 100 Songs

Ethel Waters, who introduced the song, took it to No. 1 in 1933, when versions by Duke Ellington, Guy Lombardo and Ted Lewis also made the top 10. But “Stormy Weather” is inextricably linked to Lena Horne, who performed it in the 1943 film of the same name.

Who sang the song Stormy?

Weather in the house