Who died in the Ohatchee tornado?

Calhoun County authorities on Friday identified those killed in the tornado that hit parts of the county Thursday afternoon. Coroner Pat Brown identified the dead as Joe Wayne Harris, 74; Ebonique Harris, 38; Barbara Harris, 69; James William Geno, 72; and Emily Myra Wilborn, 72.

What happened in Ohatchee Alabama?

Calhoun County Coroner Pat Brown confirmed five people killed after an apparent tornado struck the Ohatchee area — including three members of one family. Three people, all adults, were killed in a wood frame structure in Ohatchee, and an adult male died in his mobile home in Ohatchee.

What size tornado hit ohatchee?

Damage from the EF-4 tornado of April 27, 2011, in Ohatchee, Calhoun County. This tornado originated in Tuscaloosa and ended north of Birmingham and is one of the most devastating on record, reaching a path width of 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) at its worst and killing 64 people.

How many people died in the tornado outbreak?

The tornado tore a 132-mile path of destruction, killing 72. It was the nation’s deadliest single tornado in over 50 years. A total of 348 fatalities occurred across multiple states, including 253 in Alabama. Those 348 fatalities were the most in a tornado event since April 5-6, 1936.

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When did tornado hit ohatchee?

Ohatchee / Wellington / Piedmont Tornado – March 25, 2021

Rating: (Click for EF Scale) EF-3
Injuries/Fatalities: 6 Fatalities / 10 Injuries
Damage Path Length: 38.44 miles
Maximum Path Width: 1700 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time: 4 SE Ragland 33.7026/-86.1053 at 2:31 pm CDT

Who died in Alabama Tornado?

The Calhoun County coroner said five people were killed in a tornado Thursday afternoon.

Here are the names and ages of the victims:

  • James William Geno, 72 (Ohatchee)
  • Willie Harris, 74 (Ohatchee)
  • Barbara Harris, 69 (Ohatchee)
  • Ebonique Harris, 38 (Ohatchee)
  • Emily Myra Wilborn, 72 (Wellington)

Did tornado hit Anniston Alabama?

The chance of earthquake damage in Anniston is higher than Alabama average and is lower than the national average. The risk of tornado damage in Anniston is higher than Alabama average and is much higher than the national average.

Tornado Index, #275.

Anniston, AL 281.89
U.S. 136.45

Has there ever been a tornado in the UK?

Tornadoes are rare in the UK, but occur around 35 times each year, most typically during thunderstorms. “This evening slow-moving thunderstorms have been producing very heavy rain, lightning and hail across northeast Greater London, south Essex and the far north Kent.”

Where did tornadoes hit in Tennessee?

According to preliminary damage estimates and radar returns, Cohen said, the tornadoes probably occurred in Davidson, Robertson, Cheatham, Sumner, Trousdale, Jackson, Smith, Dekalb, White, Bedford and Cumberland counties.

What’s the worst tornado in history?

The deadliest tornado in world history was the Daulatpur–Saturia tornado in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, which killed approximately 1,300 people.

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What was the worst tornado outbreak in history?

The “2011 Super Outbreak” would be known as the largest, costliest and deadliest outbreak in U.S. history. A total of 360 tornadoes were confirmed over 21 states during the multi-day event, with almost as many fatalities.

Is Tornado Alley shifting?

Research Indicates that the Significant Tornado Threat is Shifting Eastward – Away From “Tornado Alley” “Tornado Alley” is a staple reference during Spring as severe weather and tornadoes frequent the central United States. … It includes most of the Southeastern United States, not including southern Florida.

Where did tornado hit in Birmingham Alabama?

The storm severely damaged parts of Newnan High School. There are reports, images and videos showing significant damage in many communities particularly in the Eagle Point neighborhood in a suburb south of Birmingham. Through Thursday afternoon, there were ongoing rescues of people trapped in some of these homes.

Did the tornado hit Gadsden Alabama?

GADSDEN, Ala. — After multiple tornadoes touched down in the South on Thursday – killing five people in Alabama and one in Georgia, knocking out power, destroying homes and downing trees across the region – more severe thunderstorms could be coming this weekend.

Was there a tornado in Newnan?

Newnan tornado damaged 1,700+ homes, according to assessment. Another 70 homes were completely destroyed; roughly 120 more had ‘major damage.

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