When did Hurricane Alma hit Trinidad?

Tropical Storm Alma of 1974 made landfall on Trinidad on August 14 with estimated winds of 74 km/h.

What was the strongest storm experienced in Trinidad and Tobago?

1933 Trinidad hurricane

Category 2 hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Track map of the storm
Formed June 24, 1933
Dissipated July 8, 1933
Highest winds 1-minute sustained: 110 mph (175 km/h)

Did Trinidad ever had a tsunami?

Trinidad and Tobago experienced tsunamis/’tsunami-like’ events in 1795, 1825, 1831, 1991 and 1997.

Has Trinidad ever had a hurricane?

June 1933 Storm – On June 27 1933 Trinidad was the scene of much destruction due to the infamous ‘Hurricane of 1933’. … Other hurricanes that passed over or near Trinidad: Alma (1974), Fran(1990), Bret (1993), Isidore(2002), and Bret(2017).

Which hurricane was the worst in the Caribbean?

An extremely powerful tropical cyclone that formed during the 1988 Atlantic hurricane season, Gilbert peaked as a Category 5 strength hurricane that brought widespread destruction to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and is tied with 1969’s Hurricane Camille as the second-most intense tropical cyclone to make …

Which hurricane did the most widespread damage to the entire Caribbean?

Hurricane David was one of the most devastating hurricanes to ever hit the Caribbean. Between August 25 – September 8, 1979, Hurricane David headed for the Caribbean sea with its most ravaging impacts felt on the island of Dominica on August 29.

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Do hurricanes hit Trinidad?

Hurricanes. The Caribbean hurricane season normally runs from June to November. Trinidad and Tobago is rarely affected by hurricanes but can experience severe storm conditions.

Has there ever been a Hurricane Alma?

Hurricane Alma was a rare (and the most recent) June major hurricane in the 1966 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the earliest Atlantic hurricane in the calendar year in fifteen years, as well as the earliest continental U.S. hurricane strike since 1825.

Has there ever been a hurricane Elsa?

Hurricane Elsa was the earliest hurricane in the Caribbean Sea and the earliest-forming fifth named storm on record in the Atlantic Ocean, surpassing Edouard of the previous year.

Why is it so hot in Trinidad?

What people experience as “hot” in the Caribbean, is usually a combination of high temperatures and lots of humidity in the air. … That, in turn, is because both the sun is shining quite vertically, providing lots of energy to heat up the air, and because the sea temperatures are at their warmest now.

Why is it so cold in Trinidad?

Cool temperatures across Trinidad result of several factors occurring: Calm/near calm winds. Almost no cloud coverage. Winds originating from the North in the lower levels of the atmosphere (over Trinidad)

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