What should you not do in a cyclone?

Do and don’ts during a cyclone?

Here are some dos and don’ts one must follow during the post-cyclone period:

  • Drink only treated or boiled or chlorinated water! …
  • Stay indoors until the danger has completely passed. …
  • Clear your house and premises of debris immediately.
  • Do not enter damaged buildings.

What should you not do during a cyclone?

Cyclones can bring heavy rain and widespread flooding to your region. Never drive, ride or walk through floodwaters. Do not go sightseeing. Check on your neighbours, family and friends.

Which of the following should we not do during a cyclonic storm?

If the centre of the cyclone is passing directly over your house there will be a lull in the wind and rain lasting for half and hour or so. During this time do not go out; because immediately after that very strong winds will blow from the opposite direction. Switch off electrical mains in your house.

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What 3 things should not be done during a strong typhoon?

Make sure to remember them and stay safe!

  • Avoid using running water. …
  • Do not touch concrete structures. …
  • Try not to light candles. …
  • Avoid hiding in your basement. …
  • Don’t run a generator indoors. …
  • Avoid standing near windows. …
  • And don’t open them either. …
  • Don’t keep your laptop charger and other electronics plugged in.

What do I do during a cyclone?

Get organised and save or store important personal documents

  1. Turn off all electricity, gas and water; unplug all appliances.
  2. Clear your property of small loose items and secure any larger items.
  3. Make sure shutters are closed or use packing tape on your windows to hold any broken glass in place.

How do you stay safe in a cyclone?


  1. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Listen to your battery radio for updates.
  2. Stay inside and shelter (well clear of windows) in the strongest part of the building, …
  3. If the building starts to break up, protect yourself with mattresses, rugs or blankets under a. …
  4. Beware the calm ‘eye’.

Where is the safest place to be during a cyclone?

Cyclone safety

  • Stay indoors (unless you are asked to evacuate) in the strongest part of the building, i.e. cellar, internal hallway or bathroom. …
  • Protect yourself with mattresses, rugs or blankets under a strong table or bench if the building starts to break up.
  • Drive carefully as roads may be filled with debris.

Can we prevent cyclones?

Planting trees to prevent cyclone damage. … Reduce the height of taller trees – a group of trees and tall shrubs together (of equal height) can divert wind through funneling. This reduces the pressure on your trees and moves the wind away from your home.

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What should be in a cyclone kit?

There is also a list of extra items which if you do not keep at all times you should add to your kit during storm or cyclone season.

Tools and supplies

  1. Whistle, utility knife, duct/masking tape.
  2. Plastic garbage bags, ties.
  3. Safety glasses and sun glasses.

What are the do’s and don’ts of typhoon?

Stay near glass windows or doors in the event of a typhoon. Leave your pets behind, tie them up, or cage them, especially in flood prone areas. Pet owners can prepare a pet emergency kit or “go-bag” with extra food, shampoo, toys, leashes, and necessary medication.

What is cyclone mitigation?

Cyclone mitigation encompasses the actions and planning taken before a tropical cyclone strikes to mitigate damage and injury from the storm. Knowledge of tropical cyclone impacts on an area help plan for future possibilities. … Tracking storms during the tropical cyclone season helps individuals know current threats.

What will you do before the cyclone?

Here’s what you can do to keep safe before the cyclone: 1.

  1. Switch off electrical mains and gas supply.
  2. Keep your doors and windows shut.
  3. If your house feels unsafe, leave early before the onset of a cyclone.
  4. Listen to the radio or transistor.
  5. Drink boiled or chlorinated water.
  6. Rely only on official warning.

What should you not do during a natural disaster?

7 Things NOT to Do in a Natural Disaster

  • Panic. …
  • Ignoring official advice. …
  • Not making a plan that ensures your safety. …
  • Packing non-essentials. …
  • Going incommunicado. …
  • Not bringing something to pass the time. …
  • Ignoring on-going official advice.
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What shouldnt you do during a storm?

Do NOT bathe, shower, wash dishes, or have any other contact with water during a thunderstorm because lightning can travel through a building’s plumbing. Do NOT use your computers, laptops, game systems, washers, dryers, stoves, or anything connected to an electrical outlet.

What to do after a typhoon occurs?

What to Do After a Typhoon

  1. Leave the evacuation area only when the authorities declare that it’s safe to return home.
  2. If your home was ruined by the typhoon, check first if it’s safe and stable before entering.
  3. Watch out for live wires or outlets submerged in water.
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