What organisms were affected by Hurricane Harvey?

How were animals affected by Hurricane Harvey?

The winds in a hurricane can blow animals out of their habitat, and flood waters can make animals be forced to swim that are too young to do so. … This is the issue that is effecting several species in the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of animals have been displaced or orphaned as a result of the storm.

How did Hurricane Harvey affect the ecosystem?

The storm — which caused nearly $125 billion in damage and led to the deaths of an estimated 94 Texans — tore apart human communities. … In the immediate aftermath of the storm, that overabundance did cause a plankton bloom — or a sudden high concentration of plankton in the ecosystem.

How many animals did Hurricane Harvey kill?

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Experts don’t have a clear estimate of how many animals were affected by Harvey, but an estimated 600,000 pets died, or were left without shelter, during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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What endangered species did Hurricane Harvey wipe out in 2017?

Another catastrophic disaster, Hurricane Harvey, wiped out 24 of the remaining 29 rare prairie chickens being tracked at the Attwater Prairies Chicken National Wildlife Refuge near Houston.

How did Hurricane Harvey affect the economy?

These affect the economy through lost business income as well as reduced employee earnings or, in some cases, lost jobs. … Its repair or rebuilding, however, will affect the economy. Harvey disrupted a broad range of industries, but manufacturers represented a large share of them.

What were the short term effects of Hurricane Harvey?

From August 26 to 30, 2017, Hurricane Harvey inundated the Galveston Bay estuary in Texas with record-breaking rainfall. As a result, salinity levels in the bay declined rapidly from an average of 14 to < 1 ppt, altering aquatic habitat in the weeks following the storm.

How did Hurricane Harvey affect humans?

With Harvey, an estimated 13 million people were affected, nearly 135,000 homes damaged or destroyed in the historic flooding, and up to a million cars were wrecked. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits after the storm also jumped to a more than two-year high amid a surge in applications from Texas.

What was the social impact of Hurricane Harvey?

Hurricane Harvey Facts

Federal forces rescued 10,000 people who were trapped in their homes or on flooded highways. FEMA moved 14,900 in temporary housing. As of the first day of September, 8,000 families had moved into 9,000 hotel rooms.

What are the long term effects of Hurricane Harvey?

But there are many long-term mental and physical health impacts that threaten flood-affected areas. Contaminated water poses both immediate and potential long-term threats. Industrial and hazardous waste sites leak human waste and other dangerous toxins into floodwaters, increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

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Did the Houston Zoo flood during Harvey?

Minor flooding & tree damage

The Houston Zoo “sustained minor storm-related flooding and downed tree limbs” Ehmke added, “but no significant damage. However, many of the zoo’s team members were affected by this catastrophe.

How were the Attwater prairie chicken impacted from Hurricane Harvey?

High winds and torrential downpours killed many of the birds, says refuge manager Terry Rossignol. In addition, prairie chickens seeking dry land in the midst of flooding likely ran into predators with the same idea, causing an indirect effect of higher-than-usual predation.

How did Hurricane Harvey affect agriculture?

Approximately 100,000 acres of rice fields were destroyed by Harvey. Unfortunately, rice farms in East Texas will not be able to reap a second harvest due to the extent of the flooding and the majority of storage bins that have been affected by wind and water.

How many Attwater prairie chickens are left?

After decades of protection and conservation efforts, Texas’ critically endangered Attwater’s prairie-chicken population is at its highest since 1993. Officials with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and The Nature Conservancy in Texas estimate the current population is at least 178 birds.

What impacts do the strong winds and rising water have on the ecosystem?

Hurricanes’ environmental effects go beyond fish kills. Strong winds and flooding can uproot plants and kill land animals, devastating natural areas. … Wind and water can move exotic plants to new locations and invasive fish that were concentrated in a small area may ride floods to new locations and increase their range.

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