What if it rains at Dollywood?

See the policy below: Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country will issue a rain check if the length of your visit is negatively impacted due to weather. Individual rain checks will be given when 1-Day tickets are presented at the Groups Booth. Rain checks MUST be obtained before leaving the park.

Can you go to Dollywood in the rain?

BUT, Dollywood has so much to offer even in the rain. … In fact, cloudy days can be the best days to come because you have more elbow room. The rides still run unless there’s lightning nearby, so hop on your favorite attractions and enjoy a shorter wait!

What happens if it rains Dollywood?


As with most theme parks, Dollywood doesn’t shut down at the first sign of a rainstorm. By going to Dollywood on an overcast, rainy day, you’re guaranteed short wait lines for almost every ride.

What happened to the flooded mine at Dollywood?

It was shut down in the mid-90s to make room for Daredevil Falls. However, the Flooded Mine at Dollywood’s sister park, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo., is still up and running. To make things more interesting, they’ve recently added “pistols” (laser guns) that you can use to shoot at targets as you ride.

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Has there been any accidents at Dollywood?

While millions of visitors a year visit Dollywood without incident, accidents have occurred at the popular amusement park. In the summer of 2019, several Dollywood guests suffered injuries when two trams collided.

Can you drink beer at Dollywood?

Weapons and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Dollywood Property.

Does Dollywood close rides for rain?

Dollywood has a Safety Team who monitors radar at all times when the park is open. When there is lighting within a certain geographical radius of the park, rides will shut down. … We can’t live without rain, so we may as well embrace it and let it make our Dollywood days even more memorable.

Is Dollywood free after 3?

In previous years, visitors who purchased tickets and entered Dollywood after 3 PM were alloewd to return the following day for free. This program has been discontinued and tickets purchased after 3 PM are not valid for reentry the following day. In order to return, you will have to purchase another ticket.

Can I take a backpack into Dollywood?

Yes! You can bring a backpack into the park, they will search it at the gate way, some rides you can ride with a purse, most I do not suggest it, unless you use a fanny pack. They have lockers that you can use at some of the rides, but most have a shelf that you can let your things sit on during the ride.

Can you get into Dollywood for free?

Dollywood has special offers throughout the year. The resort has a deal where if you enter the theme park after 3:00 or 6:00 p.m., depending on the time of year, you may enter the park the following operating day for free. … The AAA website sometimes has reduced-price Dollywood tickets on sale online for members.

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Why did Dollywood change Mystery Mine?

According to a Dollywood official, these changes are expected to provide a smoother ride and enhance guest experience. Mystery Mine debuted at Dollywood in 2007. At the time of its opening, Dollywood’s Mystery Mine roller coaster had one of the steepest drops of any roller coaster in North America.

Why did Dollywood remove battle?

River Battle’s last day of operation is Monday, Sep. 4 (Labor Day). Dollywood plans to remove the ride for future projects that will “help families create new traditions,” which leads me to believe that whatever replaces the ride will be family friendly. The park will unveil those plans later this year.

Has anybody ever died at Dollywood?

Dollywood is mourning the loss of one of the workers who greeted thousands on the steam train excursion that takes guests through the Pigeon Forge theme park. Earlier this week, communication workers at the attraction gave a ‘last call’ to conductor James Bryan Stiltner who died over the weekend.

Has anyone died on Disney rides?

Several people have died or been injured while riding attractions at Walt Disney World theme parks. … For example, from the first quarter of 2005 to the first quarter of 2006, Disney reported four deaths and nineteen injuries at its Florida parks.

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