Quick Answer: What does TD mean in weather?

Low pressure area (L) Depression or tropical depression (TD) Tropical storm (TS) Severe tropical storm (STS) Typhoon (TY)

What is a TD storm?

TD – Tropical Depression. … EX – Extratropical cyclone. SD – Subtropical depression (winds <34 kt) SS – Subtropical storm (winds >34 kt) LO – A low pressure system not fitting any of above descriptions.

What does AOI mean in weather?

Area of Investigation (environmental damage; US NASA) AOI.

What does TP mean in weather?

Tp means Temperature. Tp is an abbreviation for Temperature.

What does TC mean in meteorology?

The term tropical cyclone (TC) encompasses hurricanes of the Western Hemisphere and their typhoon and cyclone equivalents elsewhere.

What part of a storm causes the most deaths?

Storm Surge: The Deadliest Threat

Roughly half of all U.S. deaths from tropical cyclones are due to the storm surge, the rise in water levels from the tropical cyclone’s winds piling water toward the coast just before and during landfall. Storm surge is not simply a function of the maximum winds.

What is Tropical Depression?

(meteorology) A region of low pressure that develops into a hurricane or tropical storm. … noun. A tropical cyclone having sustained surface winds less than 39 mi (63 km) per hour.

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What does NWS stand for?

Slang / Jargon (2) Acronym. Definition. NWS. National Weather Service.

What is the meaning of AOI in Japanese?

From Japanese 葵 (aoi) meaning “hollyhock, althea” or an adjectival form of 碧 (ao) meaning “green, blue”. Other kanji with the same reading can form this name as well.

What is Aoi?

Automatic or automated optical inspection, AOI, is a key technique used in the manufacture and test of electronics printed circuit boards, PCBs.

What does P mean in Metar?

P. indicates greater than the highest reportable value. PCPN. precipitation.

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