Quick Answer: What did Janie and Tea Cake do after the hurricane was over?

What did Janie and Tea Cake do after the hurricane was over? After a few days, they went back to the muck and were reunited with many of their old friends.

What did Tea Cake do to Janie during the hurricane?

Tea Cake yells for Janie to grab onto the cow’s tail to be dragged to safety. Janie manages to grab onto the cow, but the dog on the cow’s back tries to attack her. The dog, however, is afraid of the water and cannot reach Janie. Seeing the ferocious dog, Tea Cake comes to Janie’s rescue.

What happens to Tea Cake during the hurricane?

Although he is offered a ride to higher ground, Tea Cake decides to stay. Several men who decide to stay gather at Tea Cake’s house, and a party ensues. But as the storm whips up, all of the men leave for their own houses except a fellow named Motor Boat.

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What happened after Tea Cake came back into the house?

Describe what happened when tea-cake came back into the house? He was in a delirious rage and aimed the pistol at Janie. After he shot once, Janie readied the rifle. He discharged the other two empty cylinders, then got ready to shoot again, and then Janie shot and killed tea-cake.

What has happened to Tea Cake?

Why does Janie kill Tea Cake? Janie kills Tea Cake to save her own life. A few weeks before, Tea Cake was bitten while rescuing Janie from an angry dog during the hurricane. Tea Cake gets sick, but by the time a doctor sees him and recognizes that the dog has infected Tea Cake with rabies, it is too late.

Why did Tea Cake kill the dog?

In chapter 18, while fleeing a hurricane, a dog tries to attack Janie. As he is saving her, Tea Cake is bitten by the dog. In chapter 19, Tea Cake has contracted rabies, which causes him to become deranged. He tries to shoot Janie, but she shoots him first in self-defense.

What animal bites Tea Cake?

Tea Cake makes a valiant effort to keep Janie afloat by urging her to hang onto the tail of a cow. As the two struggle to survive the raging current, a rabid dog that is clinging to the cow bites Tea Cake on the cheek.

What did Janie keep after Tea Cake died?

Janie runs into Sop-de-Bottom and Dockery. She asks them to go sit with Tea Cake while she is gone and keep him company.

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What happened with the dog and Tea Cake and what was the result?

He chats amiably with Tea Cake and hears his story. But afterward, he pulls Janie aside and tells her that he thinks that the dog that bit Tea Cake was rabid. … Tea Cake’s health deteriorates and the rabies warp his mind, filling him with delusional, paranoid thoughts.

How many times does Tea Cake slap Janie?

How many times does Tea Cake slap Janie? Tea Cake slaps her “two or three” times.

Why does Janie again doubt Tea Cake?

Janie worries about the kind of man Tea Cake is. She thinks he’s too young for her and that he probably just wants to take her money. Janie is determined not to get sucked into another loveless marriage…so she’s determined to treat Tea Cake coldly if he ever comes back.

Do you trust Tea Cake does the town Why or why not?

At this point in the story, I trust Tea Cake. However, the town does not. This is because Janie’s husband just died not too long ago, and they don’t trust Tea Cake’s lower status. They believe because he is younger and not as wealthy, he is only with Janie for her money.

Should Janie Trust Tea Cake?

Do you think Janie is foolish to trust Tea Cake? Explain. Yes, but no, because he seems to be a very good guy, but everyone in the town basically tells her that he has no money, therefore, it seems as if he would be going after her for her money.

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