Quick Answer: How can I be brave during a thunderstorm?

Feeling the secure blanket tightly around you can calm your anxiety. Distract yourself from the storm. Find ways to amuse yourself and distract yourself during a storm. This helps you take control of the situation, focus on something positive instead of your fear, and hopefully learn how to cope during storms.

How do you stay calm during a thunderstorm?

Include activities like markers, puzzles, battery-operated electronic games, and packaged snacks. Make sure to include flashlights for everyone in the box in case the power goes out; darkness can make everything seem scarier. Kids love to play with flashlights, and often, they will feel safer having one at hand.

How do you enjoy thunderstorms?

9 Ways to Enjoy Thunderstorms

  1. go for a walk.
  2. sit on the porch.
  3. read a good book.
  4. tell some scary stories.
  5. track it.
  6. listen to it.
  7. light candles.
  8. cuddle up.

Is it normal to be scared of thunderstorms?

Astraphobia is extreme fear of thunder and lightning. It can affect people of all ages, though it may be more common in children than adults. … Being caught in a thunderstorm or preparing for extreme weather conditions can create reasonable levels of anxiety or fear.

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Is it safe to sleep near a window during a thunderstorm?

There is not an increased chance of getting hit by lightning if you are near a window. The reason you are supposed to stay away from windows is because the glass could shatter and send pieces flying in all directions. A lightning bolt would explode the glass window before it would travel through the glass.

Is it normal to like thunderstorms?

Is it weird to enjoy thunderstorms? No, not at all. In fact, there’s a word for it: chrysalism. It is defined as the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.

How long does a thunderstorm usually last?

Thunderstorm Facts

The typical thunderstorm is 15 miles in diameter and lasts an average of 30 minutes. Thunderstorms happen in every state and every thunderstorm has lightning. Thunderstorms may occur singly, in clusters, or in lines.

What do you call a person who loves thunderstorms?

So, a ceraunophile is a person who loves lightning and thunder, a lover of thunderstorms.

Is it OK to watch TV during a thunderstorm?

It isn’t dangerous to watch TV during a thunderstorm, but the electronics in a TV set are vulnerable. If you have to make a telephone call, use a mobile phone detached from its cable rather than a landline device. Over-voltages resulting from a lightning strike may follow electrical conductors into the handset.

Can lightning kill you in a house?

Police investigators recently found the badly burned body of a man in his house, and concluded that he was killed by lightning — while still indoors. Lightning can kill — about 30 Americans die from lightning strikes each year. But being struck indoors is exceedingly rare.

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Why do I fear to speak in public?

Fear of public speaking is a common form of anxiety. … Many people with this fear avoid public speaking situations altogether, or they suffer through them with shaking hands and a quavering voice. But with preparation and persistence, you can overcome your fear.

Can I use the toilet during a thunderstorm?

No. Lightning can travel through plumbing. It is best to avoid all water during a lightning storm.

Can lightning go through walls?

Lightning can travel through electrical systems, radio and television reception systems, and any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring.

Can I charge my phone during a thunderstorm?

While it is safe to use a cellphone (if it’s not plugged into a wall charger, that is) during a thunderstorm, it is not safe to use your landline. Lightning can travel through the phone lines—and if it does, you could be electrocuted.

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