Question: What conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms dry and Hothumid and Hotcold and Drycold and humid?

dry and hot humid and hot cold and dry cold and humid. Humid and hot conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms. Humid and hot conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms. Share your world.

What conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms?

All thunderstorms need the same ingredients: moisture, unstable air and lift. Moisture usually comes from oceans. Unstable air forms when warm, moist air is near the ground and cold, dry air is above. Lift comes from differences in air density.

What conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms Brainly?

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Cold dry air and warm moist air. The warm air rises through the cold air and forms clouds. The stronger the differences between air masses; the more likely that a thunderstorm will form.

What are the 4 types of thunderstorms?

There are four main types of thunderstorms: single-cell, multi-cell, squall line (also called multi-cell line) and supercell.

What is responsible for more fatalities than any other thunderstorm hazard?

Other associated dangers of thunderstorms include tornadoes, strong winds, hail and flash flooding. Flash flooding is responsible for more fatalitiesmore than 140 annually – than any other thunderstorm-associated hazard.

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What type of weather conditions will most likely occur if a thunderstorm is approaching an area?

Thus, the weather conditions that would most likely occur during a thunderstorm would be ‘an increase in wind speed and a decrease in precipitation’ and low air pressure. Thus, option C is the correct answer.

What weather condition is very common in Peru Brainly?

Answer: I believe the answer is rain.

What is the most dangerous type of thunderstorm?

Tornadoes are the most dangerous and damaging aspect of severe thunderstorms. Wind speeds of tornadoes can reach to near 300 mph and cause an average of 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries per year in the U.S. Most fatalities from tornadoes occur in mobile homes and in automobiles.

Which kind of storm is the most dangerous?

Tropical storms have windspeeds between 40 & 73 mph Hurricanes are the biggest and most dangerous storms, with windspeeds greater than 74 mph. Other names for hurricanes are typhoons and tropical cyclones.

What is a bad storm called?

The term “hurricane” refers to a tropical cyclone north of the equator in the Western Hemisphere; tropical cyclones north of the equator in the Eastern Hemisphere are called typhoons. In the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific, you would call such storms cyclones.

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