Question: Is tsunami in love with Riptide?

Riptide and Tsunami have romantic feelings for each other. Tsunami first met him when she hid in the ocean and saw him talking to Nautilus. After a moment of Aquatic that Tsunami accidentally showed to Riptide, he reached for her, and they fought.

Does Tsunami kiss Riptide?

Tsunami breaks up with Riptide, for understandable reasons. … Riptide says he didn’t kill Queen Coral and he would do anything for a second chance with her. He kisses her, and she kisses back.

Who are tsunamis Dragonets?

Princess Tsunami is a young female SeaWing and the protagonist of The Lost Heir. She is the eldest heir to the SeaWing throne and one of Queen Coral’s three living daughters. She helped found the Jade Mountain Academy with the other Dragonets of Destiny and is currently the headmaster.

Is Tsunami an animus?

Tsunami discovered that Anemone was an animus, which runs in the royal family. … After seeing Riptide injured, Tsunami bargained with Coral to spare Riptide and Webs if she saved the last egg.

Does Tsunami marry whirlpool?

When Tsunami first met Whirlpool, the dragon started to kiss up to her immediately, much to her disgust. Tsunami was repulsed by the idea of marrying Whirlpool, whom Anemone suggested as an alternative for herself to marry him.

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Do Tsunamis see Riptide again?

After a moment of Aquatic that Tsunami accidentally showed to Riptide, he reached for her, and they fought. Since then, Riptide understood that she is a dragonet of destiny and can be shown appearing many times after their first meeting.

Do riptide and Tsunami marry?

Riptide was the first SeaWing Tsunami met when she went into the ocean. She thought of him as handsome and even thought of marrying him instead of Whirlpool.


Age 7 (hatched in 5,005 AS)
Boyfriend Riptide

Is Wings of Fire a movie?

Netflix has just announced that they will be producing an animated series based on the book Wings of Fire. The series, which will suit the entire family, will be adapted from a series of books published by Scholastic. This epic fantasy saga will be produced by Ava DuVernay, who directed the hit movie, Selma, before.

Who does sunny marry in Wings of Fire?

Starflight thought about his love for Sunny and wanted to be reunited with her instead of stuck on the NightWing island. His wish came true when he along with Flame and Fatespeaker escaped from the NightWing island and Sunny met Fatespeaker for the first time.

Does clay like peril?

Peril is in love with Clay. He was the only dragon Peril feels she can speak to, and she even goes so far as to bring him mud to heal his wounds and (a bit charred) food when he’s Queen Scarlet’s prisoner.

Why did Tsunami kill Gill?

When Starflight entered Tsunami’s dream with a dreamvisitor, he saw her strangling the skeleton shape of Gill. Anemone then arrived, and Tsunami tried explaining that she’d had no choice in killing their father. Anemone then strangled Gill herself while Tsunami was trying to hold her back.

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Who Does Clay have a crush on in Wings of Fire?

In the second book, though, she seems to have a growing affection for Riptide, another SeaWing, the son of Webs. Sunny is like a little sister to Clay, and he treats her like one.


Age 7 years (hatched in 5,005 AS)
Sisters Crane, Sora, Pheasant
Crush Peril
Book Appearance

How old are tsunamis?

The oldest recorded tsunami occurred in 479 BC. It destroyed a Persian army that was attacking the town of Potidaea in Greece. As early as 426 BC, the Greek historian Thucydides inquired in his book History of the Peloponnesian War (3.89.1–6) about the causes of tsunamis.

Who Captured tsunami?

Why was Tsunami KIDNAPPED? In Darkness of Dragons, Tsunami is kidnapped by a “strange NightWing”, who later spoke to Qibli in the Night Kingdom. Near the end, Qibli sends Starflight and Fatespeaker to rescue her.

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